Dear Jim,

My name is Dorothy, I am 21 years old and a Ghanaian. I developed a very big tumor which was hidden in my skull at the age of 6, I had to grow with it since it could not be diagnosed and operated on. People were scared of me and ran from me since the right side of my face, specifically my eye and forehead, were bigger than my left side, I could still go to school though and was very intelligent. At age 14, my condition became serious and so I was transferred abroad for further studies and possible surgery.

I met Doctor Jim Robinson at Piedmont hospital in Atlanta Georgia in April 2008, he made me feel comfortable and after some tests proceeded with surgery. A day before the surgery he took his family and my mom and I for sight-seeing and I was so happy that I even forgot how scared I was about the upcoming surgery. He did two major successful surgeries and some minor ones and I had a plastic surgery too. He made sure I was well taken care of and given anything for my comfort and happiness I really enjoyed my stay there. By God’s grace through Dr. Robinson am a beautiful girl now who nobody is scared of anymore and am currently in the university (medical school) and he is even helping with my tuition. I want to become a good doctor and surgeon like him for he really inspired me. He is amazing. Thank you Dr. Jim Robinson you are the best. I love you.



Meet Tim and Marilyn

Dr. Jim Robinson is the most remarkable neurosurgeon I have experienced or even heard of. He treats the patient not just the tumor, disease or injury. That is a very critical fact that sets him apart.

My first hand experience with Dr. Robinson started early in the morning on August 9, 2001, Dr. Robinson walked into my hospital room; at the time I did not know that his presence in my life would be the greatest gift, in the most profound way. The day before I had an “episode” and ended up at Piedmont Hospital ER, to discover that I had a “shadow on my brain, either a stroke or a tumor” and that I would be admitted to the hospital. A MRI was scheduled for the next morning, and then the neurosurgeon on call at that time, Dr. Robinson, came to give me the results; he confirmed that I had a brain tumor. And so my journey with Dr. Robinson began.

Over the years that followed he has performed brain biopsies, and back surgeries. He directed the treatments for my tumor that included chemo therapy and radiation. Even though my tumor is inoperable, Dr. Robinson continues to keep me in his care.

Now, 14 years later, my wife, Marilyn and I know that I have survived and even thrived under our Dr. Jim’s watchful eye.

We are so grateful that Dr. Robinson is back in practice, and know that patients he has yet to have in his care will reap healing benefits. He has made such a difference in our lives.

Thank you and God Bless You, Dr. Robinson.

Tim and Marilyn Athey
Savannah, GA


“We thank God, because He put Jim on our way, because he is very caring, the surgery was so perfectly done, and today no one could say I ever had a brain tumor.”
Miguel and Carolina
El Salvador

Dr. Miguel Oqueli, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Hospital Bloom in El Salvador, suffered a stroke one morning which rendered him lethargic and completely paralyzed on his left side. I was contacted by Children’s Cross Connection, a charity organization that requested I take Miguel’s case at my practice in Atlanta.

Miguel’s brain scan showed that he had experienced a hemorrhage from a large tumor deep in the center of his brain. When he arrived, I performed surgery and fortunately was able to remove the tumor entirely. Upon recovery, he was able to walk back onto the plane and, several months later, returned to his life’s work at Bloom. I learned Miguel had been involved for years with orthopedic surgery campaigns carried out by Dr. Dennis DeVito from Scottish Rite in Atlanta. Today he is the Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics at Bloom. Thanks to the connections Miguel’s case forged, I was able to travel to El Salvador with Dr. Devito and help with complex spine cases, operate alongside my peers and returned often working and fostering relationships with the neurosurgeons. A major accomplishment was starting the minimally invasive Stereotactic Surgery program in El Salvador. These joint accomplishments bring me much encouragement and joy.

Miguel and Carolina Oqueli
El Salvador